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The Best New Year Countdown Place To Welcome 2018 in Phuket

Post On December 22nd at 6:39pm

Phuket is the perfect place to welcome 2018 and what are the best party places for New Year’s Eve in Phuket is the big question coming up soon. There are many places to celebrate New Year in Phuket – too many to individually list. Phuket is pretty much party all year round so you can expect some serious happening all around the island. Whether you want to bring in the New Year with the sand between your toes or one too many alcoholic beverages in tow, Phuket has the celebration for you. Here are…

Popular Tours in Phuket

Post On December 15th at 6:17pm

What are the best tours in Phuket? There is actually a lot to explore in and around Phuket and many places are easy to reach on your own. Some other great places need a boat or a minibus ride and a bit of planning. We list here 6 of the most popular day trips tours you should consider.


Racha Island is a great snorkeling and diving site located just 10 kilometers south of Phuket. There is a little piece of paradise. You don’t need to go too far, a two hour (…

Real Estate Trading for Foreigner

Post On December 8th at 5:14pm

Real estate trading is a business that must always be involved in the law because it requires a legal act. Legislation in the understanding of the general public is difficult to understand. So there is a misunderstanding or inaccuracy. Especially regarding the purchase of the real estate of foreigners who come to Thailand. Many people, including real estate professionals, may understand that they can not trade. Today we have a legal introduction to knowledge.

1. Can foreigners buy or own…

Get Relax With Spa and Thai Massage in Phuket

Post On December 1st at 6:08pm

Spa has evolved into a concept focussing on the spiritual and natural, drawing from traditions of meditation, respect for nature and the desire to achieve physical and mental well being, the key to maintaining health and beauty. In Thailand, the concept of spa blends with the ancient traditions of natural healing through herbal baths, massage, meditation, and the continued pursuit of inner and outer beauty. In Phuket, spa and massages are cheap and available everywhere you don’t even have to pla…

Phuket Trip Tips For The Small Budget's Traveler

Post On November 24th at 5:45pm

Phuket is a famous island and many people around the world want to go to the island but many people complain that Phuket has to prepare a heavy budget to travel. Of course, it’s not easy as in general Phuket is more expensive than anywhere else in Thailand. The cost of accommodation, travel expense and cost of food. We want to tell everyone who wants to visit Phuket. There are many ways to make your trip to Phuket fun with the small budget. Let’ see the best things to do in Phuket with a small b…

Getting Around in Phuket

Post On November 17th at 6:17pm

Phuket is a beautiful island with very convenient transportation but public transportation in Phuket is a problem that never seems to get solved. Phuket is a small town but it does not mean that there is a comfortable journey. You may have a little bit of trouble with the transportation system here. Uncertainty so we have a choice of Phuket’s transport to easy getting around in Phuket,so you can easily organize your own travel program in Phuket.

By Tuk-Tuk

Tuk Tuk is a famous transpo…

The Right Steps to Find a House to Rent.

Post On November 3rd at 6:29pm

In the busy cities and traffic jam as today. Traveling or transportation is a very tiring and wasteful time. Many people are willing to spend money each month to pay for accommodation near schools or workplaces. As a matter of convenience, But for those who are concerned about finding a rental home. Today, we have some cool tips to help you find a right home.

1.Quick info

Do not forget that the house is both good and not very expensive is a rare item and many people need to be intereste…

How to Travel to Phuket with "Enjoy and Save"

Post On October 27th at 5:39pm

Many people complain that Phuket has to prepare a heavy budget to travel. The cost of accommodation, travel expense, cost of food. Because of this city, the cost of living is high in the top of the country. In the view of the host like us. We want to tell everyone who wants to visit Phuket. There are many ways to make your trip to Phuket fun. Believe us. "Phuket is not always expensive."

1. Book everything from an early date.

The ticket to follow the promotion price discounts. From the…

How to buy a land to increase the value of the future.

Post On October 20th at 5:39pm

Investment can be done in a variety of ways. It is better to add cash value than savings or savings in the bank. Resolve inflation problems and help retirees. Investing in land is another way that most popular. And most of the land is still worth buying. This week, we will introduce how to buy a land to increase the value of the future.

Land investment strategies are divided into two main types: buy and hold, divide and profit, which should be used according to the situation.

Buy and hold…

Easy ways before buying a house

Post On October 12th at 5:21pm

Buy a car, it has tips to choose a good car. Buy a house, it also has tips to choose a good home. Important tips especially the little details that should not be skipped. The joy of having a home, whether small or big. Everyone needs to live in a home that is comfortable. Let's see if you want to buy a new home. What do you think should be important with the following 4 tips.

Good Locations

Good location for residents means convenient location, have a public transport, near the utilitie…